Strike Outs + Batting Average

I’m a model and actress. It is a job. I go to lots of casting calls and auditions. Lots. So many. Several each week.

What this looks like is this: I memorize lines, I dress in the manner the director requests, I prepare my hair and makeup to match their requests for on-camera auditions, I figure out childcare, I rearrange meetings, I plot trips and track mileage and keep parking receipts and log hours. This acting and modeling thing is a business, yo!

And it is fun and I love it and it is work.

In the last week my agent has sent me to two big casting calls.And when I say big they’re high-profile clients (like Coca-cola) so the rate for a day’s work is high ($1,000+/day) and the work is challenging (lots of lines to memorize and nail). These are serious auditions and I prepare for them for hours sometimes.

For both castings I received a callback. Callbacks are huge! It signals you’ve done something well…you’re noted for your talent and the director wants to see you back to audition again. Callbacks mean you’re closer to landing the job, the gig, the part.

I was beyond thrilled to head back to the casting agent and audition again for both of these parts–often with the same exact hair and clothes worn at the first audition (directors like consistency when talent audition). I was totally prepared and feeling confident and imagining how each audition would go and even plotting wardrobe fitting dates and shoot dates on my calendar.

For one it was down to me and another talent. She got it.

For the other casting call I didn’t get the part and someone else did.

And I was TOTALLY bummed. And I was TOTALLY annoyed that….

[Read the full blog post on the Living Enough blog where I am a contributor.]

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