So I’m a model…but don’t get crazy…I do it for fun (and I live in Minneapolis…if I was hot stuff I’d be in New York or LA, right?). Which reminds me, there is a fun little interview about my foray into modeling for Amish romance novels (srsly).

I’m represented by Meredith AND Wehmann and I’ve gotten fun work modeling for:

  • Target
  • FedEx
  • Walgreens
  • Rapala

Claire DeBerg modeling full body shot Claire DeBerg modeling headshot Claire and Gloria DeBerg modeling shootIMG_6050 IMG_5190 IMG_2989 Claire DeBerg Cherokee model clare_deberg_biking__0310_20150404 clare_deberg_biking__0314_20150404 Claire_Deberg-2 Claire_Deberg-2-2 Claire DeBerg headshot Claire business casual Claire business Claire DeBerg live action Claire DeBerg lifestyle

4 Comments on “MODEL

  1. I read in your Valentine letter that your doggie models too! How fun(ny) is that?! Velvet has had quite the life. Glad she is enjoying her new posh and comfy cushion as a result of all her hard work!


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