“Excervous” & Acting + Modeling = Super Fun Times

I have to admit…being in front of the camera is nerve-wracking AND it gets my acting game much tighter.

Let me be real with you: I start a mean pit sweat when I’m about to get on camera. It is very unladylike and while I don’t stink I do wonder why my arms decide to flood at the precise moment it may all be captured on film.


Even though I’ve done it hundreds of times I still turn into a little sweaty butterfly the moment before the director yells “action.” Aaaaand, I think that’s actually pretty awesome because if I’m not getting excervous (excited/nervous) on a weekly basis then I might as well be comatose. I get a hunger for the high of an excervous event.

My work with New World Productions has always been the best mix of challenge and fun! Todd Gross has an incredible eye for detail and keeps every set running smoothly and professionally–all while being witty and on-the-spot creative (as is necessary for this industry).

Teleprompter reading is a skill, yo. The words just keep coming and you have to engage with them, change tone, re-read, stop, start over, smile, be serious, punch the right words, allow your voice to rise and fall at the right time and speak with authority and distinction.

Here’s my latest commercial for CE Direct. They create blinds, shades and drapes for businesses. In fact, they’re responsible for those gorgeous, epic blinds at the Radisson Blu at the MOA. Sa-weet!

What are YOUR thoughts?

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