I wrote a novel. I just finished it as of September 2014. I am now in the process of sending out query letters to agents. Even if no one picks it up and represents it, this was a huge accomplishment. Here is an excerpt from my query:

Yakamoz tells the story of two fierce and troubled adults, Berk and Yonca. Together they birth a thoughtful, speechless boy, Murat, in a Turkish fishing village at the base of Mount Olympos. For Murat, Berk is a mysterious but mostly absent father and Yonca is a disturbed, unpredictable mother.

When Berk is killed, the villagers discover a second family Berk kept hidden in the city. Murat’s mission becomes uncovering the many lives his parents lived, which begins with finding Berk’s childhood friend. The twisting family tree in Yakamoz will find a kinship alongside the Buendía family in Gabriel García Márquez’s epic novel One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

What are YOUR thoughts?

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