Happy 50 Years of Marriage, Mom + Dad

Dear Mom and Dad, Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! I love you two. So much. You have lived so much life and so much of it together. More together than apart. I wish I could go back in time even before I was born and see you two in high school in Chicago…before college and marriage and careers and kids (and, let’s face it…lots and lots of dogs) filled your lives. From the stories I hear about dad, high school was a testing ground…could he survive his teens while being both a cool,… Read More

Happy Birthday to Gloria, The One Who Has Made Me Cry Lately. Twice.

I’m so glad I met my daughter 15 years ago even though she makes me cry. Happy Birthday, Gloria!

Enough with the TV Already, UGH!

Our kid was being a jerk so we took away TV and this is what happened…

Nipples: Let’s discuss.

Those truant breasts had me asking this daily question as a mortified teenager: “How can I wear a shirt in such a way that will not bring attention to what appear to be Mike’n Ike candies taped horizontally to my chest?” If you, too, have wondered the same thing the answer is: bandaids and big sweaters. That tip is for winter in Minnesota.