This Place on Earth Calls to Me // Land as Spiritual Conduit

Just as a quick reminder: I’ve written a novel. When you’ve written a book and actually completed it–like done all the work of editing and fixing errors and getting the story right or the lesson down or the truth conveyed–you finally get to casually drop that fact around: Yeah, so I wrote a book. Hey, I finished my novel. I actually wrote a book. I’VE WRITTEN A BOOK. I find myself mentioning that fact to, I don’t know, the guy who scans my card at the Y everyday or the barista waiting… Read More

Something Scary // The Truth About My Pain

I’ve received a challenge: write the truth. My brain’s first reaction to the suggestion was: “Um, yeah, no one wants to hear my truth.” My stomach’s first reaction was to throw-up in my mouth a little. My heart’s first reaction was, “FINally, I’ve been waiting.” Not that what I have been writing on this blog isn’t the truth, but mostly every post and subject has been pretty safe–some updates on my creative writing and publishing my novel; some posts about modeling shoots and interviews; a few about professional copywriting. All good things!… Read More