I Was 22, Pregnant and Alone: Adoption Was The Way

In this piece I wrote which was published in this month’s issue of The Mennonite magazine, I took on the call to reflect on a favorite scripture from the Bible. My “Shaped by Scripture” reflection shares how one small part of a well-known story about Jesus plunged my life and plans into the best kind of tailspin. Here’s how it starts: The rowing moments: A reflection on Jesus calling the first disciples Luke 5:1-11   “When they had brought their boats to shore, they left everything and followed him.” Luke 5:11 I love… Read More

My Top 10 Songs :: A Life’s Playlist (thus far)

I originally wrote this piece for The Mennonite. It chronicles the Songs of My Life and includes a link to my Spotify account where you can listen to each song…if you dare.   1. Dolly Parton, “Wildflowers” When I was growing up my parents had records. My dad loved country music—old country like Kris Kristofferson. When he got the 1987 Trio album that featured Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, I was mesmerized. Three bold and beautiful women singers? I was in. I listened to this album over and over and would often stare… Read More

Need a Leader? Look Behind You.


At the beginning of 2016 I launched a full-fledged writing agency called Cicada as I am working on being a leader—essentially creating opportunities to lead instead of waiting around for someone in front of me to tap me for those roles. I decided that if I’m going to be a leader I had better just turn around and tap myself. But something interesting happened when I turned around to tap myself. I saw leaders behind me. Not people behind me in terms of experience or education but in terms of the leaders… Read More

30 Days of Red and How to Think Anew about Instagram

I did it! I did my first 30 Day Instagram challenge. I’m dipping my toe back into social media. I’m on Facebook A LOT with my clients so to even think about managing a Facebook profile of my own makes me want to take a nap. I’m not 100% certain I’ll remain Facebook-free but I have been playing around on Instagram (yes, I know Facebook owns Instagram. Moving on…) and thought I’d participate in a little challenge for myself. I found I love getting a peek into my friends’ points-of-view. I actually like… Read More