Discover Your Biggest Failing

“Which do you need to learn most: patience, compassion, gratitude, strength or vulnerability?” Oh no: what if I occasionally fail at all of these and occasionally master all of these? Does that mean I am master of nothing? Let me give you a peek into moments of failure and moments of mastery in a few of these realms. Maybe you’ll see yourself in some of these vignettes. Patience Fail // My children are Montessorians. They both attend Montessori schools and one of the many beautiful pieces of education encouraged in their environments is… Read More

Srsly With the Email Subject Lines

I love what I do. I love language, I love discussing word usage and origins and debating the Oxford Comma (I’m against it, in case you’re wondering). Much of my work time is invested in communications of the virtual variety. That’s right: emails. How wild and different the world was before email. I sometimes think back to when my parents were working and how sometimes my dad would drive 30 miles into the city for a meeting that was canceled at the last minute. This is all pre-mobile phones, pre-internet, pre-email. I don’t… Read More

Writer and Editor Celine Murray Interviews Claire DeBerg on Freelance Writing

I had the great pleasure to be requested for an informational interview with Celine Murray, a new and powerful writer and editor in the Twin Cities freelance scene. Below is her interview of me from last week. As a part of my freelance writing internship for Monkey Outta Nowhere, my supervisor has made networking events a priority, so this morning, I had the pleasure of picking the brain of Claire DeBerg, a full-time freelance writer and editor based in Minneapolis, MN. Claire was very open about her experience as a freelance writer, and I learned… Read More


I officially started nerding out on content calendar creation in the year 2007. This was the year I was introduced to a marketing guru with a serious thang for Excel. I think I might have taken an online class, in fact, to get up-to-speed about how to navigate the (wondrous!) world of the big XLS. While I learned how to organize spreadsheets to the point where we’re about to leave the house to buy groceries and I’m like, “Hey, want me to just throw our grocery list in an XLS and organize… Read More