7 Ways to Say No

I love saying yes. I love being asked to do some awesome project or task or job because it lets me know the asker thinks I’m fit and capable for the work. That feels great. It is like unsolicited back pats or like a virtual coronation ceremony. And here’s what I discovered…I can feel all those things and NOT do the work simply by saying…wait for it…: No. Are you catching on? Part of what I’m really saying yes to is the compliments, the affirmation. Instead, when I say “no” it means I… Read More


So you say, “I’m a contract writer, I don’t need a brand identity.” And I’m like, “Dude, you need a brand identity.” Then you’re all, “But does that mean I need a logo?” (silence) Then I say sighing, “A logo is not a brand identity.” So instead of rolling my eyes at the mention of a logo in any way being a brand (and though a logo does identify a brand it is not a brand identity) let’s Tarantino this a bit and start way back at the beginning to unravel the real… Read More