Need a Leader? Look Behind You.


At the beginning of 2016 I launched a full-fledged writing agency called Cicada as I am working on being a leader—essentially creating opportunities to lead instead of waiting around for someone in front of me to tap me for those roles. I decided that if I’m going to be a leader I had better just turn around and tap myself. But something interesting happened when I turned around to tap myself. I saw leaders behind me. Not people behind me in terms of experience or education but in terms of the leaders… Read More

Choosing Love: Adultery, Adoption, Abundance // Published


I’m excited to announce my essay, “Choosing Love: Adultery, Adoption, Abundance” was chosen as part of a publication of essays presented at a Women Doing Theology conference. Here is how my essay begins… “These stories are about love. More specifically they are about choosing love because, after all, love is a choice. Love doesn’t just show up and solve problems. Love doesn’t just appear and fix. Love must be invited. Love is available and powerful and here’s how Love created abundance in my life once I chose it. I captured the neighborhood… Read More

Discover Your Biggest Failing

“Which do you need to learn most: patience, compassion, gratitude, strength or vulnerability?” Oh no: what if I occasionally fail at all of these and occasionally master all of these? Does that mean I am master of nothing? Let me give you a peek into moments of failure and moments of mastery in a few of these realms. Maybe you’ll see yourself in some of these vignettes. Patience Fail // My children are Montessorians. They both attend Montessori schools and one of the many beautiful pieces of education encouraged in their environments is… Read More

Yourself OR Others // Which Will It Be?

Here’s the question: Is your highest duty to yourself or to others? As a writer, as a mother, as a woman, as a follower of The Way, as a neighbor, as a sister, my answer is usually the same. Answering as a writer: myself or my audience? As a writer I am not just holed up in a corner of a hut journaling in a book I plan to burn before the ink dries–I’m out there, I’m blogging, I’m submitting articles, I’m pitching books to literary agents, I’m guest posting, I’m thinking about… Read More