I Was 22, Pregnant and Alone: Adoption Was The Way

In this piece I wrote which was published in this month’s issue of The Mennonite magazine, I took on the call to reflect on a favorite scripture from the Bible. My “Shaped by Scripture” reflection shares how one small part of a well-known story about Jesus plunged my life and plans into the best kind of tailspin. Here’s how it starts: The rowing moments: A reflection on Jesus calling the first disciples Luke 5:1-11   “When they had brought their boats to shore, they left everything and followed him.” Luke 5:11 I love… Read More

Enough with the TV Already, UGH!

Our kid was being a jerk so we took away TV and this is what happened…

“You Look Like A…”

You guys…I started to write this story down and then I decided I’d just tell it, storyteller style. It is about something Gloria said to a stranger when she was 4 and I had to decide what to do about it. But telling this story in a video blog (a “vlog”) of this ilk is new to me. I’m a writer. I’m also a storyteller. I’m also obnoxious. So maybe it all fits. I have to say…the video took 4 minutes whereas an entire blog would probably have taken me a lot… Read More

#VeryMarried Book Review :: Marriage + Semi-Fidelity

Reading this book came during the swirl of my own deep look at my marriage and my attitude towards it as a thing, and my husband as a solitary, amazing being, and me as the powerful, passionate person I am.