A Series of Tiny Choices

Recently I was asked by my pastors to share a “Kingdom Story” happening right now in my life. Below is the transcript of what I shared. Fourteen years ago I was holed up in a former Sunday School room in a church basement in Iowa which had become my crazy little home. I was 22. I had no job. I was on food stamps. I was editing the divorce papers John drew up for us. I was pregnant and when it rained really hard worms slunk into my basement lair and wiggled… Read More

Something Scary // The Truth About My Pain

I’ve received a challenge: write the truth. My brain’s first reaction to the suggestion was: “Um, yeah, no one wants to hear my truth.” My stomach’s first reaction was to throw-up in my mouth a little. My heart’s first reaction was, “FINally, I’ve been waiting.” Not that what I have been writing on this blog isn’t the truth, but mostly every post and subject has been pretty safe–some updates on my creative writing and publishing my novel; some posts about modeling shoots and interviews; a few about professional copywriting. All good things!… Read More